Munster Juvenile Indoor events

Here are the results from the first weekend of the Juvenile indoor events in Nenagh.

Girls U9-60m Sprint 7th Giselle Ahern 10.92,,Girls U9 Long Jump 2nd place Giselle Ahern 3.08m,,Girls U9 Long Jump 18th Lucy Swinburne 2.40m,,Girls U9 Long Jump 20th Keelin Swinburne 2.30m,,Girls U9 Long Jump 22nd Siun Henchy 2.28m,,Girls U 10 -60m Sprint 2nd place 2 Ali Dromey 9.66,,Girls U10-60m sprint 6th place Ava Hanley 10.05,,Girls U10 Long Jump 2nd place Ava Hanley 3.23m,,Girls U10 Long Jump 6th place Ali Dromey 3.14m,,Girls U10 Long Jump 17th Place Susanne Healy Bird 2.90m,,Girls U10 Long Jump 33rd place Lily Grey 2.61m,,Girls U10 Long Jump 35th place Ciara Bambury x2.55m,,Girls U11 Long Jump 4th place Ruby Swinburne 3.51m,,Girls U11 Long Jump 14th place Sally Murray 3.28m,,Girls U11 Long Jump 45th place Clara Sievewright 2.14m,,Girls U11 Long Jump 50th Aoife Bambury 1.91m,,Girls U12 60m Sprint 1th Place Hannah Falvey 8.68,,Girls U12 60m sprint 8th Aislinn Henchy 9.44,,Girls U12 600m 10th Zoe Conway 2:06.26,,Girls U12 Long Jump 1th Place Hannah Falvey 4.35m,,Girls U12 Long Jump 33rd Abbie Dorney 2.92m,,Girls U12 Long Jump 36th Ellen Doherty 2.80m,,Girls U12 High Jump 3rd Place Hannah Falvey 1.32m,,Girls U12 High Jump 11th Abbie Dorney 1.15m,,Girls U12 High Jump 23rd Ellen Doherty 1.00m,,Boys U10-60m sprint 10th Tom Murray 9.91,,Boys U10 500m 14th Tom Murray 1:47.24,,Boys U10 Long Jump 7th Tom Murray 3.30m,

Some pictures of the days events.

All-Ireland B X Country 2016

Six Belgooly AC athletes  braved not only a very hilly course but weather conditions that made finishing the run a success in itself. The Athletes were Andrew Martin, Adam Phelan, Daniel Mackey, Timmy, Peter and Brian Hawkins. A great thank you also has to go out to Richard Hawkins who filled in on the day when 2 Belgooly coaches got sick. That finishes the X country season for 2016. A big thank you also goes out to the parents who endured the weather extremes to transport the athletes to the various venues over the last few months. The next big event we have coming up is the Cork County Track & Field events in May. All the training that people have done to prepare for the X Country will give them a great foundation for the track events.

Here are some photos from the X Country in Waterford (I feel cold just looking at them).